Window Tinting for 
Carmel & Indianapolis

Window Tinting for Carmel & Indianapolis from a qualified, experienced, trained, installation facility with the best films you can trust!

We are a true window tint shop. What does that mean?

It means that while we offer other services -like Clearbra PPF, Chrome Delete, and Graphic Stripes, our primary focus is window tinting.

As a result, that's 95% of what we do

We believe it is better to do one thing right than to do multiple things wrong.

What Makes Us Different from Other "Tint" Shops in Town?

FACT: Because their main business is usually Audio Electronics, Detailing, or Clearbra PPFmany area shops who install tint, often don't actually have a tinter on the payroll but rely on a traveling window tint installer who comes in whenever they have a vehicle to do.

If there is a problem, they have to call the outside installer and schedule a time for him to look at and (maybe) fix your tint.

Another FACT: They usually offer only one type of window film.

Window Tinting is 95% of Our Business. We are here all week long. If something goes wrong, we take care of it. Our focus is on offering our clients PERFORMANCE FILMS that ACTUALLY WORK reducing HEAT and increasing comfort. These are 21st Century products, with 21st Century performance, installed by a 21st Century window tint shop!

Window Tinting -
We Offer Performance

The latest in heat management technology

It's no secret that the sun can make your driving experience unbearable.

The air conditioner works overtime to cool things down.

The seats are hot, the dash is hot, and the sun pours right through the glass.

It bakes everything and everyone riding in the vehicle.

So, we decided to address these issues with products that actually WORK!

We Offer 4 Different Types of Window Film -
Each Film Performs Differently

Other shops in Indianapolis carry just ONE type of film.

We offer 4 TYPES of Quality Window Films in all shades.

Low Performance
(Lifetime Warranty)


NanoCarbon Film
Some Performance (Lifetime Warranty)

From $219

NanoCeramic Film
High Performance
(Lifetime Warranty)

From $259

Premium Ceramic Film
Highest Performance (Lifetime Warranty)

From $329

What Makes Us Different?


With over 35 years of experience our installers have pretty much seen it all. 

Read more here


With over 35 years in the window tinting industry, we've amassed an amazing amount of information.

We've tried to put it all here for you 


Our clients are loyal to us because we are loyal to them. We treat everyone better than family, and it shows. Many folks travel great distances to our shop even though there are closer options.

Check out our Client Reviews here


We are NOT a greedy franchise operationWe focus on one vehicle at a time. That way we can deliver high quality installation possible making everyone happy.

Turn Around

We are not an assembly line operation. We tint full vehicles one at a time, getting yours back to you in under 3 hours in most cases


We only use window films that are proven and offer lifetime warranties giving you real peace of mind

Full Transparency

We don't force you to call us to get a quote. We put EVERY price on this website for you to see.

Our website is designed to INFORM our client base

You will find more information about window tinting here than nearly anywhere else


Window Tinting -
Information Overload

There are over 100 pages on this site. Some people only want to know "How much is this going to cost?" If this is you - click here

But if you want to research things before you buy, you'll find more than enough to research here.

We want you to feel confident trusting us with your vehicle.  So, from "How Tint Works" to keep your vehicle cooler, to "Laws that affect how dark you can tint your car", it's all here

We are always learning and improving our skills too. If we find a better installation method that improves the end result, we adopt it and don't charge more to do things the better way.

We do all this to offer you the best experience possible

Window Tinting -
Our Client Base

Our clients travel great distances. Some drive over an hour. Most come from the north side of Indianapolis- Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, and Westfield. But many are traveling from Avon, Greenwood, Shelbyville, Terra Haute, Bloomington, Seymour, Kokomo, Jeffersonville, and even Gary.  We even have regular clients from Illinois, Ohio, Georgia and upper Michigan.

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