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Finally, window tinting for Carmel & Indianapolis from a qualified, experienced, trained, authorized installation facility with the very best films you can trust your vehicle with!

We are different from most window tint shops. While most shops offer one type of window film in all different shades, we offer 4 different types of window tint films in all the industry standard shades available.

Basically we offer PERFORMANCE over LOOKS.

Sure, like most reputable shops we carry high quality traditional dyed films too. But our focus is on providing our clients with products that ACTUALLY WORK and work better than anything else available!

Window Tinting -
What We Offer

Our window tint films break down into four types of high quality window films. Each one does something different and they are...

We suggest you click on each of the above films and read about how each one can best take care of your needs.

Then, when you're ready, you can schedule your appointment directly from our website.

Easy Peasy!

Our Story -
Who We Are & Where We Came From...

DT Services Window Tinting LLC is our company name.

In 1986, we were the FIRST in Indianapolis to offer a mobile service exclusively to new car dealerships - something no one had ever tried in Indianapolis. 

When the economy collapsed in 2008...  Read more

What will you find on our website?

This is not strictly a sales site. Yes, we want to sell you our services. But our site promises to be a different experience. 

Our site delivers Information, and lots of it!

Some folks say we "over deliver" or that their "head is spinning" by the time they read about all our films and what they do.

Okay, we admit it, we're guilty. But if you're like us, you want all the information you can get on something you are going to buy.

Our aim is for you to be fully informed so you feel confident trusting us with your vehicle. From How Tint Works to cool your vehicle, to the Laws that affect how dark you can legally tint your car, we pride ourselves on knowledge and are constantly learning about our industry.

We take that same approach to the installation too. If we find a better installation method that improves the end result, we adopt it.

This way we can offer you the highest quality experience, which is exactly what you should expect.

So go ahead and take a look around, there's  lot to digest.


Look, can anyone try to tint your car and actually turn out decent looking work?

Yes, of course.

But what makes us different is our commitment to YOU our client because...

  1. We've Been Around a Long Time & We Are Professionals,
  2. We Are Very Knowledgeable About The Window Tinting Industry,
  3. We Only Use High Quality Products That Last and Actually CUT OUT HEAT,
  4. We are Passionate About What We Do, and
  5. We Promise You a Professional, Polite, Timely Experience

So, If WE Can't Earn Your Trust...

Chances Are No One Can.

Window Tinting -
Our Customer Base

We have loyal clients who travel great distances because they prefer us. Our clients come from Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Westfield, Avon, and all over the north side of Indianapolis. We are also finding many are now traveling from the southside and Greenwood as our reputation continues to precede us.

We also have clients from Illinois, Ohio, and Georgia. 

It is not uncommon for many of our clients to drive over an hour to have us expertly install window tinting to their vehicles. We even have a client from upper Michigan who prefers us over the tint shops in his state

Now that's what we call LOYALTY!!

Are You Buying a New Vehicle?  Has The Dealer Told You They Can Tint Your Windows For You?

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