Custom Window Tint Pics

We also offer custom window tint that allows the client to design or customize their vehicle to give it that personalized, unique touch.

Check out these pics!

Custom Window Tint -
For Cars...

Whether it's Minis...


Or Hyundai Sonatas

We can customize your vehicle the way you want it so it is YOUR individual vehicle, a truly "one of a kind" car that says your are unique!

Customization makes us unique in Indianapolis and we are only limited by your imagination.

Think up something wild? Chances are we can duplicate it.

Never underestimate what we can do for you!

Custom Window Tint -
For Offices and Interior Windows...

Below are shots from office and waiting area windows that the management of the dealership wanted to have tinted so as to add privacy to those on the other side of the glass.

We determined that merely tinting the glass alone would be drab and boring.

So we added the appropriate logos for a classy touch that enhanced the room while still adding privacy.

Custom window tint made possible by means of computer cut tinting

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