Disinfecting Service

Many people do not know we also offer a disinfecting service

Although similar, this service should not be confused with our deodorizing service where our main concern is the removal of foul smelling odors and cigarette smoke, molds, and mildews.

We can effectively remove viruses, bacteria, and bad odors from your car.

With all the bad stuff floating around these days and the potential for disease, everyone should have their vehicle disinfected.

We are here to help.

Disinfecting Service -
The Process

For this service, we are focused on disinfecting the vehicle.

We use a proven process in our disinfecting service that employs the use of Ozone molecules and particulates.

These combine to remove the bad atmosphere inside your vehicle.

This process has been effective in killing odors, bacteria, and SARS COV1 virus (aka SARS) and has proven effective in eliminating many known corona virus diseases.

In about one hour our process will effectively remove your unwanted unknowns and replace your vehicle with a fresh "after thunderstorm" clean smell.

Disinfecting Service -
The Cost

Our normal charge is $99.00

However, during the current pandemic, we will wave this fee IF you have window tinting, or clearbra paint protection film installed.

This way we can do our part to provide an essential service to our clients while we all navigate this current crisis.

It should be noted that no disinfecting service no matter how good or trusted can guarantee 100% removal of bacteria, viruses, and odors for any environment.

Here at DT Services Window Tinting company we claim a 99.9% success rate and feel very confident you will see the benefits when you come by to pick up your vehicle.

We believe that this rate of success is sufficient enough to make most people happy and satisfied.

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