Ceramic Window Tint -
The Best Choice You Can Make!

Our Nano-Ceramic window tint utilizes the most advanced automotive technology in the industry

Ceramic has increased solar benefits over most other films due to nano-ceramic technology in the hard coat. 

It blocks out both UV and IR rays for maximum protection. UV rays can be damaging to both your skin and your vehicle while IR rays cause that burning sensation irritating your skin.

Protection from the Sun will be maximized when our Ceramic window tint is applied to the inside of your car windows 

This amazing film will never fade to purple due to its being constructed with nano particles of carbon-ceramic in between the layers of polyester. 

This enables the film to maintain a good look and remain extremely color stable.

Ceramic window tint has quickly gained popularity for its incredible ability to block HEAT.

If you want HEAT blocking technology, you've come to the right place!

Also called "Infra-Red films", these films are made from ceramic Nano technology and offer the benefits of a dyed film with the high IR (infra-red) heat rejection.

These films block out far more IR HEAT than Dyed or Carbon films, giving you the comfort you deserve, while protecting your vehicle's interior from the damaging effects of UV rays during those HOT Indiana summers!

Ceramic Window Tint -
Why Should You Consider it For Your Car?

Nano-Ceramic film -The Good... They block out up to 90% of the infra-red heat coming through the glass and best of all, without loss of radio signals to cell phones, radar detectors, tire sensors, GPS, etc.

These films will also save Hybrid vehicle batteries from premature drainage thereby increasing gas mileage and overall performance.

The Amazing WOW box - Seeing is Believing!

They do not have a reflective look (think mirror), so they look like traditional color stable dyed window films only with the high heat rejection of metallic sputtered films.

Our Nano-Ceramics have a Lifetime warranty with great performance!

Talk about the best of both worlds!!

So, Any Ceramic Window Tint Will Do,


This thinking is incorrect for 2 very important reasons...

Reason #1 - Not all Ceramic film is created equal

There are two methods to make "Ceramic" Film


Reason #2 - Low Angle Haze or LAH

(We'll explain this below - read on)

Reason #1 - Not all Ceramic film is created equal
There are two methods to make "Ceramic" Film

Method #1

  • Take a proven Dyed Film and Add Ceramic to it - this method relies on dye to vary the degree of darkness. This method also is dependent on the dye not to break down and turn purple. Since ALL dye eventually deteriorates and loses color, we feel it is an inferior way to make a "Ceramic" product. Most manufactures use this approach.

Method #2

  • Take a clear Polyester Film and Add Nano-Carbon Ceramic Particles to the Laminate thereby creating a product that is NOT dependent on dyed technology. This is the method we use to make our films. We believe this method to be far superior and it is why we call it "Nano-Ceramic" as opposed to "Ceramic" to distinguish it from the competition.

Reason #2 - Low Angle Haze or LAH

ANY Manufacture of Ceramic films can get the IR rejection to 100%. However, in most cases the clarity of the film is compromised due to an issue called LOW ANGLE HAZE or "LAH"

This is an example of LAH...

FACT: ALL Ceramic Films have Low Angle Haze.

Our Nano-Ceramic Films
Have The Least Low Angle Haze of
Any Window Films Made Anywhere by Anyone

However, our films have the highest IR rejecting properties with the CLEAREST view of any Ceramic film on the market, BAR NONE!

Don't settle for just ANY Ceramic film. Compare Apples to Apples when considering a High IR Rejecting Film. Otherwise you may be disappointed.

The following video from our manufacture explains why we feel our Nano-Ceramic Technology is by far the best on the market and why it outperforms other films made

Ceramic Window Tint -
Why Our's is Different

Our Nano-Ceramic films share the same technology from the multi-Billion dollar industry that makes flat panel TV screens, Smartphones screens, and Solar cells.

ALL our Nano films rely solely on cutting edge, Nano technology -  not dye.

This makes them color stable (no purple), as well as signal friendly, while maintaining a crisp and clear appearance.

The result is state of the art technology at an affordable price

Where Did Ceramic Window Tint Come From?

Ceramic films were the result of cell phone technology.

Actually, ceramic films are the result of cell phone reception interference caused by metallic window tinting.

Metalized films or "Sputtered films" as they are known in the window tinting industry, were developed to increase heat rejection.  

SPUTTERED FILM - The Good... Sputtered films worked great in keeping the cars cooler!

SPUTTERED FILM - The Bad... interference with anything sending a signal via radio waves. (RF interference)

Because tire sensors, GPS equipment, and radio antennas inside cars would not work, there came a need for a high heat rejecting film that would not cause RF interference like the metallic films did.

The result... Ceramic Window Film! 

These films are actually colored with ceramic based nano particles and contain no metals or dyes. They last longer and reject heat better than traditional films, without the signal blocking aspects of metal films.

How is Ceramic Film made?

The key ingredient is a chemical compound called Titanium Nitride [TiN], a tough ceramic material. TiN contains exceptional infrared (IR) reflective properties, which allows the film to reject the sun's heat at a higher rate compared to traditional films. TiN is also extremely durable.

Our window films are constructed with no dye. What does this mean for you? Your window film won't fade to that awful purple that is so common among dyed films. 

Using nanotechnology, our window films are made color stable. Instead of using dye to get the desired shade of film, nano particles of carbon are used. A typical window film construction looks like this:

FROM 80% TO 88%


Our automotive window films are manufactured with the highest quality materials for maximum performance. The mounting adhesive layer consists of double the glue compared to other films, which means a longer lasting film. 

The magic happens in the laminate adhesive layer. In this layer, nano particles of carbon give the film its shade and give it increased solar benefits.

The hard coat is strong and durable due to the nano-oxide material injected into the layer.

The Evolution of Our Nanotechnology

Window film nanotechnology has gone through four generations. We are at generation four, the newest generation.

Generation 1

In generation one, we used dyed polyester in the film construction. The reason for this was that there was a challenge to reduce the particles of carbon in the laminate adhesive. The particles were too large. When they're too large, they reflect sunlight and cause low angle haze.

Generation 1

Generation 2

Our nanotechnology in generation two improved. We got the particles smaller, but there was an inconsistency. We still had the same problem in generation one.

Generation 2

Generation 3

In generation three, we figured out how to make the particles even smaller. Unfortunately, the particles clumped together resulting in more  "Low Angle Haze" than what we wanted.

Generation 3

Generation 4

This is where we are today. We have two ultra clear layers of polyester with no dye, 100% nanotechnology. The carbon particles have been chemically encapsulated to stop the clumping, greatly reducing the low angle haze resulting in an optically clear film with HIGH Heat Rejection and Performance.

Our Conclusion?
Our Nano-Ceramics Work Better Than Anything Else!

Given the fact that Nano-Ceramic films do so much more to keep you cooler than traditional window films, and the cost is just a few dollars extra, why wouldn't you choose them for your car?

If you REALLY want the Ultimate in EXTREME HEAT REJECTION you should consider our new ULTRA Nano IR 98% rejection film.

Available in the following shades...

Who Makes Our Nano-Ceramic Film?

Like all the films we carry, we use FlexFilm brand window tinting films.

Why FlexFilm?


The materials are the finest we have ever used, and the support is the best we have ever come across in this industry.

This translates into peace of mind for everyone...

The client's peace of mind and,

Our peace of mind

How Does Our Ceramic Films Compare With the Most Popular Competing Brands of Ceramic Tint?

Check them all out below...

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