Toyota Glass Warning for Late Model Venza and Lexus NX

A Toyota Glass Warning for 2021 Venza that all owners should know about is covered here.

This page describes the issue and what to look for.

2021 Venza
Front Glass Issue

The 2021 Tooyota Venza has a coating on the front two doors that is causing problems for vehicle owners as well as window tinting shops.

This coating (from what we have been able to determine) is a clear substance that is not detectable to anyone - at first.

However, if anyone tries to clean this glass with a razor blade, it will damage the coating and ruin the appearance of the glass.

It has been also reported that abrasive scrubbing pads can likewise damage the coating.

Should you have your windows tinted, and for any reason the tint must be removed in the future, it will also remove the coating.

Thus the reason for this Glass Warning.

Toyota Glass Warning -
Technical Bulletin

This glass warning is so important that we wanted our clients to know the risk associated with tinting this vehicle.

If you own a 2021 Toyota Venza and ask us to tint the front two doors and later, for whatever reason the film needs to be removed, we WILL NOT be held responsible for any damage to the coating or window.

This Glass Warning has been made available to protect all parties involved.

We are confident you will appreciate our transparent business policy

Toyota Glass Warning -
Window Tinting Forum

Here you will find a warning issued to other window tinting shops by a window tinter

This Toyota Glass Warning also affects the LEXUS NX vehicles...

What to look for...

In this picture, if you look closely you will see a marking that says "uVu"

This is the coating. If window tint is applied to this type of glass and, in the future the window film fails, when a tint installer goes to remove the film it will take the coating with it and in effect, ruin the glass coating resulting in an expensive replacement window needing to be installed..

Why is this important to know?

Unfortunately, window tinting does NOT last forever. A fact of our industry is... In time, ALL WINDOW FILMS FAIL no matter how good they are

There WILL be a time when window tint will need to be removed leading to the damage outlined here.

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