What Film Is Best For Me?

What Film Is Best For Me?

How do I choose a window tint film that will fit my particular situation best?

With so many choices, how do I know?

These are all very good questions that many of our clients wonder about after looking over our website.

We try to over deliver and provide our clients with as much information as possible to make a good decision.

The problem is, sometimes, we end up confusing folks.

First, if you are overwhelmed with everything on our site, we apologize

Second ALL OUR FILMS are LIFETIME FILMS - so they carry a National Lifetime Warranty that covers...

1. Color instability - turning purple

2. Fading - gradually going lighter

3. Peeling

4. Cracking

5. Adhesive Failure

6. Delamination - when layers of tinting separate

So Then, What Film Is Best For You?

The answer here is going to be different for each individual. The best way to answer this question is to think about exactly what you are trying to accomplish by having your vehicle tinted.

For example - Ask yourself "Am I tinting my car solely for LOOKS?"

If so, you might want to consider our Lifetime Color Stable Film. 

These films definitely LOOK great and they are what most "Tint Shops" in town are offering. However, even though they will last a very long time and will give you that cool traditional "LOOK" of tinted windows, they are very limited in rejecting heat - UNLESS YOU GO REALLY DARK, AND BREAK THE LAW.

ONLY the DARKEST of Dyed film works, kind of!

What Film Is Best -
Traditional Dyed Films

Traditional Dyed Films use OLD Technology.

They work strictly by absorbing a small percentage of heat (the same way dark clothing absorbs heat from the sun in the winter, keeping us warmer).

As the vehicle passes through the air, the air pulls some of the heat away from the glass.

This is why you see so many extremely dark tinted vehicles on the road.

The driver has chosen the oldest, least expensive and least effective film. In order to get it to block out a lot of heat, he HAD to go DARK. 

Traditional Dyed Films are OLD Technology

So If Heat Rejection Is NOT The Motivating Factor and
You Are Doing It Primarily For Looks...

Go with a Premium Dyed Film that will last forever and save you some money!

This is especially true if you have a truck, and all you are trying to do is match up the fronts with the factory tint in the rears and comfort is not the reason for tinting

But, if you're like most people, you want to stop the sun!

What Film Is Best -
"I Want to STOP the Heat, AND Make my Car Look Good"

In determining "What Film Is Best" you should consider comfort as well as "LOOKS".

Our Window films can effective block out up to 98% of the Sun's Infra-red heat, while also protecting the occupants from Skin Cancer causing UV rays.

Your First Choice in this line of heat rejecting films is Our Nano-Carbon film

This film rejects up to 60% of the Sun's IR rays and is only about $60 more than our traditional dyed window film.

What Film IS Best -
Serious Heat Control

If you are serious about controlling the heat inside your car AND you want a great looking window tint, then you really want to consider our Nano-Ceramic line.

Nano-Ceramic films block up to 80% of the Sun's IR rays and offer a much more comfortable experience over dyed and carbon films. 

For about $60 more than Nano-Carbon the choice may be obvious.

What Film IS Best -
INSANE Heat Control

If you want cool "LOOKS" as well as HIGH HEAT REJECTION resulting in maximum comfort while maintaining that traditional cool "LOOK", consider our 

This film has the HIGHEST heat rejecting numbers in the industry and will blow your mind and change how you look at window tint and the reputable shops that install it.

Low Performance
(Lifetime Warranty)


NanoCarbon Film
Some Performance (Lifetime Warranty)

From $219

NanoCeramic Film
High Performance
(Lifetime Warranty)

From $259

Premium Ceramic Film
Highest Performance (Lifetime Warranty)

From $329

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