A Word About Our
Window Tint Warranty

Here you will find information about the warranty that covers your window tinting. We hope this will give you peace of mind and confidence in the product.

Window Tint Warranty-
Do we offer one?

The answer to this is yes.

Actually, to NOT offer a warranty would be highly irresponsible of us.

Watch the following video and you'll see

What A Window Tint Warranty Offers -
Peace of Mind

Most reputable window film manufactures rarely have products that fail within the first 5-7 years from the date of the install. Here is another FACT that almost no one installing will admit... ALL WINDOW FILMS FAIL EVENTUALLY. Even car manufactures don't warranty their vehicles for longer than 36 months, so why would film outlast a car?!? In all the years we have been tinting vehicles we have had very few issues with window film going bad because we buy from respected manufactures with a proven track record However, it can and does happen from time to time. When it does, we just step up and take care of it. That way, you are taken care of and you leave happy.

Having said all that...

A copy of the warranty is provided every customer.

But we have never made a warranty claim with the films we offer.

**Please note - DAMAGE to the film after the installation is NEVER covered by warranty**

If you bring your car back with ANY sort of damage, we will charge to remove and replace the film.

This includes - but is not limited to seatbelt chips, scratches from rings, watches and hard objects, and mechanisms inside doors that may damage the film.

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