Window Tint Prices 
How Much Will It Cost Me?

Our window tint prices are competitive and designed to be fair to the consumer as well as the installer.

Our shop is going to be different than any other in town.

Rather than offer you several shades of one type of window tint, we offer films that actually WORK.

Window Tint Prices - It's Really Just Apples and Oranges 

When comparing prices, make sure you are comparing Apples to Apples, and Oranges to Oranges.

Our prices are based on the type of film installed NOT on how many windows you have. 

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Window Tint Prices -
We try to keep it simple

We charge a per Film price, instead of a per vehicle price. Our clients simply select the TYPE of film they want, and then look up the corresponding price for that film. Easy.

Rather than have an unending list of different prices for every different auto maker and model vehicle, we have tried to keep our window tint prices simple and to the point.

We believe this approach is superior because it doesn't rely on forcing people to call for a quote each and every time they have a tinting need.

By checking our pricing here, our clients always know what we charge for their particular NEED not their particular vehicle.

To Determine Window Tint Prices - 

First Ask Yourself 3 Questions...

1. What Do I Have?

2. What Do I Want Tinted and

3. How Much of it Do I Want Tinted?

I have a Car, SUV, Minivan...

And I want both sides and the rear glass tinted (also known as a complete or FULL tint)

I have a Truck

And I want both sides and the rear glass tinted (go over the factory tinted glass)

I have a Truck, SUV, or Minivan

only want the Front 2 Doors to Match the Factory tinted Rears

Don't worry, if you want to add on a full windshield* or a sunroof, we have listed those prices too

*No Windshields Will Be Tinted Darker than 70% without a prescription or Doctor's note

All Windshields are Tinted in Ceramic or Premium Ceramic

Our Window Tint Prices are Based on The 3 Different Types of Film We Offer Below...


2. Carbon Film

3. Ceramic Film

4. Premium Ceramic Film

NOTE: We NO LONGER carry Dyed Films because they ONLY color the glass and offer little to NO Heat Management Capabilities.

Dyed Films are old technology and not a good option.
We feel they are basically a waste of money.

Each film performs at a different level & are tailored to fit every taste and budget

So, first pick the film type that fits your need, then you will see your price.

Window Tint Prices - 
What do you want your window film to do?

Pick the right film

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Take the WOW Box Challenge!

To truly believe these films are the best at blocking out heat, ask to see "The Wow Box" demonstration and we guarantee you will want this film on your car!

There is virtually no way to tell the difference in the film without it being dramatically demonstrated with this incredible little box. On average, 9 out of 10 clients who see this amazing demonstration opt for Nano-Ceramic window film to be installed on their car.

If seeing is believing, then feeling really is believing when it comes to ceramic films.

So be sure to ask for a free demonstration or you will be sorry you did not get a chance to be "blown away".

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*When compared to competitor's "so-called" Ceramic Window Film