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Jun 18, 2018


PSA - Do not tint the windshield on aTesla Model 3!! This warning is from a Tesla Owners Forum...

"Hi all,

I took delivery of my Model 3 about two weeks ago. As a previous owner of a Model S, I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by the finished product. Not only do I have an easier time getting in and out, it’s also a fun car to drive with some really cool features. Unfortunately not all is well in the land of Tesla.

For those who live in a hot and sunny climate and are used to tinting all their windows, including the windshield, don’t. My Model 3 has been at the SC for over a week because the computer fried after liquid penetrated the area between the windshield and dashboard. The problem began after the initial cleaning of the windshield. Although paper towels were laid out on the dash and over the screen, just spraying the windshield and wiping it clean was enough to cause the screen to begin something called phantom touch (google it). This caused the AC to turn on randomly, frustrating the installer and myself as the AC just kept turning on no matter what I did. I eventually I just turned the fan all the way down and figured I’ll deal with the problem afterward as I previously read that phantom touch is a known issue on the Model 3. Anyway, by the time the tint installation was complete, the screen no longer worked. Luckily the car remained drivable but without the use of the screen, all the controls and gauges were not available. I tried to reset the screen, but it was evident that there was some other issue going on here. I drove the Model 3 to the local SC for them to diagnose the problem. So far they replaced the screen and now they are replacing the computer. Hopefully that will fix it, but I’m definitely concerned about this given that just cleaning the windshield can potentially render your car unusable. Crazy..."

We have added the whole post to the left column of our Blog page.

Apr 18, 2018

SUV Tinting Picture Gallery

Welcome to our SUV tinting picture gallery. Here you can get an idea of how your SUV will look after we perform our "magic" and tint the windows. You will also be able to come here after your SUV is tinted to see a high quality picture of it to show your friends!

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Apr 13, 2018

Truck Tinting Picture Gallery

Welcome to our truck tinting picture gallery. Here you can get an idea of how your truck will look after we perform our "magic" and tint the windows. You will also be able to come here after your truck is tinted to see a high quality picture of it to show your friends!

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Apr 13, 2018

Car Tinting Picture Gallery

This page contains our car tinting picture gallery. Here you will find multiple pictures of vehicles we have tinted in the past and it will give you a visual so you can get a clear idea of what tint will look like on your vehicle.

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Dec 23, 2017

Perfect Window Tint

Is it possible for a tint shop to produce a perfect window tint installation? Some people think so or even demand it. But, is such a thing even possible?

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Oct 26, 2017

Am I Legal If I Drive Into Different States?

Some have asked... "Can I get a ticket for window tint that I have done in Indiana when I travel into other states that have stricter laws on window tint?"

This is a concern of some who do a lot of traveling between home and other states.

Could you get a ticket? Doubtful. Why? It's because of something called the "Interstate Law".

By tinting your vehicle according to the Indiana state law you are LEGAL for INDIANA and thus governed by INDIANA law. Traveling through another state is not supposed to affect the legality.

Can an over zealous cop write you a ticket? Sure. Will he? Doubtful

If this were an issue. NO ONE would tint their cars because as soon as they crossed the state line, troopers would be waiting to write tickets.

In the 30 years we have been in business, this has NOT been an issue. We have NEVER had one client tagged out of state because their INDIANA LEGAL tint was not legal in (fill in your choice of state here).

Hope that answers your question!

"Keep Calm and Tint On"

Sep 12, 2017

Drop Off, or Wait?

Many folks wonder if they need to drop off there car for window tinting or if they can wait on it.

At we try to make things easy for everyone - You and Us.

The typical full car window tint installation will take under 2 hours in most cases. However, if we run into any difficulty at all it will prolong the install time. Therefore, if you are on a tight schedule, you SHOULD consider dropping off your car and picking it up later. We always try to send a text message upon completion so our clients can return at their leisure to pick up their cars.

Consider too, that we will not feel rushed if you do drop off your car. Many times we can get a jump on things if we finish with the car ahead of yours and yours has been dropped off.

If you want to wait, we have a comfortable showroom with WIFI, and a desk so you can do some work while you wait.

In any event, you can decide what works for you and we will work with that decision.

Hope that helps!

Jul 15, 2017

Schedule Your Window Tint Installation

Schedule your window tint installation with our NEW online tinting installation scheduler. See when we are here and book accordingly

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