Window Tint Removal

Window Tint Removal, do we do it? Absolutely! Should you try it? We don't recommend it. This is a services that is better left to professionals and this page will explain why.

If you were wondering, Yes we do it. After you read this page, click on the Green Book Appointment button at the bottom and we'll get you taken care of.

Tint Removal -
Why you should leave it to us

We've all seen the 'nightmare car" that passes us on the highway that has a rear window that looks like this one. If you are the one that is passing the rst of us, you probably can't wait to remove the bad tint.

Besides, it's embarrassing and screams "I got a cheap tint job".

Removing window tinting on a car - especially the rear window - is a VERY tedious job that comes with risks. The risks are primarily confined to damaging the rear window defroster/defogger wires. Here's why...

Window Tint Removal - 
The Risks

The defroster/defogger wires on many vehicles are not installed properly from the manufacturer to begin with. As a result, these wire can peel off the window with the tinting during a removal process.

Don't believe us? Check it out here

Window Tint Removal - 
What We Do...

When we get a car in that needs the tint removed, we assess just how bad the old tinting is adhered to the rear glass. If we think we can remove the film and return the glass back to a near original state, we proceed.

We ALWAYS inform the client of the potential for damage to the wires.

Then we get out our steamer and start as the video below shows...

After we remove the tinting from the rear window we use an adhesive remover that is friendly to the car's interior. This product is specifically engineered for the window tint industry and will return the window back to its original state.

Window Tint Removal -
What do we charge?

We typically charge $65 per door if you only want to remove tinting on a door or two.

If you need just the rear window tinting removed it will cost you $100 on average.

Should you want ALL the tinting removed to clear glass we charge a flat fee of $175.

Be advised that there is an additional fee incurred to install NEW tinting to the windows that we have removed film from.

So, to recap - window tint removal is a difficult, time consuming process that sometimes results in the loss of some or all of the defroster/defogger wires that are on the rear window.

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