Window Tinting Laws

Window Tinting Laws vary from state to state.  The last thing you want is to get pulled over as you are heading back home from having a quality installation performed.  You should always check to see if what you want done is not against local and state ordinances.

DT Services highly recommends to all our clients that the selection you make is indeed keeping with the Indiana Window Tint Law.

Keeping it legal is important and you should take this seriously because more law enforcement officers are writing tickets more often for violators.  The fines can be significant based on the municipality or state you live in.

Hopefully, this page will help clear up the confusion for you.  Click on your state for the law applicable for that state to see if window tinting is allowed by law there.

Window Tinting Laws -
By State

Midwestern States Surrounding Indiana

A comprehensive list of all window tinting laws for all 50 states can be found here.

Print it off or download it to your computer.

Window Tinting Laws -
A Question Often Asked By Our Clients

What Happens If I Have My Car Tinted In Indiana but I Travel Into Other States That Have a Stricter Law?

Actually, That's not a bad question. We hear this question asked at least once a week.

Because window tinting laws vary so widely, many folks are concerned with being ticketed for illegal tint while driving thru a state on their way to a favorite destination.

While this may be a concern of yours, we do not believe it is one you should be worried about. Why?

Most police officers know that vehicles with out of state plates traveling through their state are NOT owned by people who actually reside in their state. Because of this MOST police officers are reasonable enough to not cite an out of state vehicle for violating their state law on window tint - especially if the tinting is legal in the driver's home state.

Having said that, we found this statement on a forum asking this very question...

"NYC Police and the Port Authority Police of NY & NJ issue window tint tickets to FL, GA, SC and all other out of state vehicles were it is legal to have window tint.

The reason both these departments do this is for revenue, and they know that 99 times out of 100, it is easier to just mail a check for the amount of the fine to NYC or the Port Authority then it is to drive 1000 miles across country to win your case in court."

So, what is the bottom line?

Could you get cited in another state? Yes.

Does it happen often? Not usually.

But remember, to avoid tickets for window tinting, install tinting that is legal for the state you reside in no matter where that is and you SHOULD be okay.

(Emphasis is on "SHOULD" - meaning anything is possible anywhere)

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