Cheap Window Tint - Is It Really A Bargain?

Cheap Window Tint... A lot of people want it. The question is, do you really want this inexpensive product on your car?

Our guess is that once you understand more about it, you may opt to spend a little more for your window tinting.

Cheap Window Tint -
The $99.00 tint job & why cheaper is NOT better.

Glue Based Dyed Films is what we are talking about.

The first to be developed, they continue to be sold to tint shops everywhere as an inexpensive entry level film that the installer can use to up-sell the customer on a more expensive film.

They are incredibly cheap to produce and are also relatively cheap to install, making them a favorite with tint shops around the country. 

Our competition buys this junk from China by the pallet and offer $99 tint jobs with lifetime warranties.

But that is strictly a marketing ploy.

These cheap window tint films are NOT without issues and should be treated as strictly an economy, bargain film for people NOT keeping their vehicles longer than a year or two.

Cheap Window Tint -
Why these films are a bad idea...

When first applied, these films may actually look quite good.

But the sun's rays are brutal and go to work against the new tint the minute you drive away.

Adhesive Failure Results When the Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Used Between Laminated Layers of Polyester, Releases or "Fails"

This Window is an Example of BOTH Adhesive Failure AND Excessive Color Loss Due to the Absence of Uvinul in the Adhesive

Cheap Window Tint -
"Adhesive Failure" - The Result of Cheap Manufacturing

The adhesive (glue) is the first line of defense when it comes to the sun.

Because these films have the dye mixed into the adhesive (glue), after a very short period of time - usually within one or two hot summers maximum- the sun breaks down the dye turning a once dark film to a much lighter one.

The original dark color fades and eventually becomes clear.

The adhesive usually fails quickly when exposed to the heat of the sun resulting in BIG BLISTER POPS and huge bubbles making your car look terrible.

This Blistering is the result of the manufacturer of the film cutting costs and using inferior quality adhesives in the laminating process.

Saving the maker on adhesive costs only results in the end user (YOU) being thoroughly disappointed in a relatively short time.

By choosing this "deal" or "internet coupon" film, you are selecting the worst available choice and looking at a nightmare scenario that will make your car the ultimate butt of your friend's and family's jokes.

Cheap Window Tint -
No UV Inhibitors In These Films Results In Purple Windows

Cheap Window Tint usually means No UV inhibitors (a.k.a. Uvinul)

No UVINUL, or UV inhibitors means there is nothing in the film to block UV rays.  UV rays attack colors (among other things) and break down dyes.

As a result, the dye breaks down at a rapid rate and causes a once grey or charcoal film to turn that "nightmarish" look most people don't want on their car.

The dreaded PURPLE tint.

Unless you came from another planet where purple was the common color of your world, this is NOT a look you want on your Audi, BMW, Lexus, or even your Honda, Ford, or Toyota.

Purple tint looks ugly and screams "I got scammed at the Tint Shop for $99.00"

Now we ask... Is that really a smart move?

Cheap Window Tint -
Usually Means A Bad Install...

When a tint shop is forced to cut corners on the film they use in order to compete with the other cheap tint shops in town, they also almost always sacrifice on quality.

This means the "typical $99.00 job" also has a quality issue.

Because the $99.00 shop is competing on price, they become a high volume, "lick it and stick it" "assembly line" style operation.

Several "tinters" (granted, we are using this term VERY loosely here) attack the car in an attempt to "crank out" as many cars in one day as possible. They have to in order to make anything at all.

The result is a hurried installer that has little time to spend on each car, and a customer that is less than happy with the end result.

Consider - Do you really want THAT type of operation tinting your Lexus, Mercedes, or even your Toyota??

We guarantee you we are different. We pay a premium for our film and the end results prove it.

Removing Purple Tinting

This is an absolute pain! If you think you can do it, go for it! If not, let us do it for you. We have 30 years experience in removing nasty purpled tint from cars like the one in these videos that follow.

Watch them to see if you have what it takes to take on such a daunting task. If you don't, give us a call and we will restore your vehicle's window tinting to where it should be.

#1 - The prep

#2 - Clean it

#3 - All done!

Why Mess Around?

Why not do yourself a favor and let us do the work, while we save you the headache of doing it yourself.

We think you'll be amazed at the finished product when you pick up your car.

We promise to do it right the first time, and if for some reason we don't, we'll keep at it until you're happy.

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