5 Questions To Ask Before You Let Anyone Tint Your Windows

There are at least 5 Questions to Ask Before You Let Anyone Tint Your Windows. On this page we will answer those 5 questions so that when you do select someone to tint your car windows, you feel confident and comfortable with your choice.

If you are armed with the knowledge we present here on this page, you can make a good decision on who will be the best company with the best installers to take care of your car's windows.

5 Questions To Ask...

Question # 1
How Long Does Your Window Tint Last?

Window tinting does not last forever. The lifetime of window films are dependent on many factors including product type and quality, the climate, and the amount of direct sunlight your car is exposed to.

ALL our films are backed by a comprehensive National Lifetime Warranty

5 Questions To Ask...

Question # 2
How Long Will it Take to Tint My Windows?

The process can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on the vehicle and how many windows are involved.

While We recommend dropping your vehicle off (especially during Covid) we understand if you absolutely need to wait on your car.

We have wifi available as well as television to help you pass the time.

5 Questions To Ask...

Question # 3
Is Your Film Covered by a Warranty?

This question is closely related to question #1 above.

Most quality products come with a limited lifetime warranty. However, many shops in the area do not carry lifetime products. There is much competition among window film makers whose interest is in solely making as much money as possible.

We only use films with a lifetime warranty.

Since we have never yet made a warranty claim on them, we feel confident they will last longer than you will have your car.

Question # 4
Which Window Tint Is Right For Me?

In order to select the best film for your vehicle, you should consult a professional window film dealer. You want someone with an extensive knowledge of the window film industry as well as someone who understands what goes into the development and manufacture of window film.

There are a wide range of products in a variety of shades, colors and construction, as well as different styles and performance benefits. 

As you can tell by our website, we feel we have such experience and knowledge to answer most questions folks have.

Never trust anyone who pushes or "sells" you on a particular film. The tint shop representative should only inform you, NOT SELL you

5 Questions To Ask...

Question # 5
How Long Has the Installer Been Tinting?

We suggest you insist on a minimum of 5 years experience tinting automotive windows

Never compromise. We suggest you insist on a minimum of 5 years. We have found over the past 30 years that many "installers" with less experience are still learning the basics, and they are learning on vehicles like YOURS! 

While we are always trying to expand our skillset and knowledge base, all of our installers have been meticulously trained over the course of many years and have developed the expert ability it takes to competently work on 99.99% of the vehicles on the market.

Why 99.99% and not 100%? Because this space is continuing to evolve with new innovations and designs that challenge our installers every day. Therefore it is impossible to know every conceivable vehicle and its unique issues fully. 

ALL our installers have at least 10 years or more experience in every day, real world installation.

We feel confident we can meet the challenge your vehicle presents. If we ever do not feel good about a particular vehicle, we admit it straight up. No BS!

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