Clearbra Prices -
What can I expect to spend?

Our Clearbra Prices are competitive.  Obviously the more you cover, the more it will cost. This page explains our pricing structure. Pricing is based on difficulty, color, year, make and model of your vehicle.

However, coverage is the key factor in determining the cost.

Available Coverage Areas

Coverage affects all clearbra prices -
So, what do you want covered?

This is something you want to give careful consideration to because the amount of coverage is directly related to pricing. Here is an easy way to think of coverage...

Clearbra Prices - Wear and Tear coverage

Our most popular and least expensive - covers the leading edge of the hood only (approx. 6 - 8")

Cost - $129.00

Clearbra Prices -
Conventional coverage (What most folks get)

Picture the old leather bug bras of the 80's and what they covered. This runs approximately 17" to 22" up the hood, and where it stops come forward on the fenders. The full bumper is covered (usually), and in most cases the backs of the mirrors are covered too.

Cost - From $ 695.00

(obviously a Mini Cooper would be less)

Clearbra Prices -
Full Front End Coverage

Full hood, full fenders, full bumper, mirrors (the entire doghouse from the front of the doors forward)

Cost - From $1395-1795.00 depending on make, model, and year

(obviously a Mini Cooper would be far less)

Clearbra Prices -
Standard coverage (upper only)

Hood, fenders, mirrors only

Cost - $300.00

Clearbra Prices - 
Wear and Tear Coverage

Just what it says... no mirrors, no bumpers & no fenders get covered for this price, just 8 to 10" of the hood and door edge guards

Cost - $169.00

Clearbra Prices -
Bumper Only

Just what it says... no hood, no fender, and no mirror coverage

Cost - $359.00

Clearbra Prices -
A la carte add on coverage

Do you just want certain areas covered?

Door Edge Guards - $ 49.00 (2 Doors) $99 (4 Doors)

Inside of the Door Sills - $ 75.00 (2 Doors) $150 (4 Doors)

Door Cups - $ 49 (2 Doors) $99 (4 Doors)

Rear Bumper Ledge - $ 65

Headlights - $150

Clearbra Prices -
Additional Coverage to Consider

Above Windshield Area - $159

Pillars of the windshield - $75

Rocker panels - $175

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