Windshield Protection -
Finally, a solution that works

Windshield Protection is now available to save your windshield from rock chips and cracks,

Protect your windshield from damage and costly replacements with DYNOflex

Windshield Protection -
The Issue

It's a fact of car ownership - if you drive a car for commuting, pleasure, or work, you will replace a windshield at least once or twice over the life of the vehicle.

We have replaced the windshield on our work van 4 times in the last 5 years

According to the website CarWindshield.Info "13 to 14 MILLION windshields are replaced EVERY YEAR!"

Even though many insurances cover the cost of windshield replacement, the costs have skyrocketed in recent months and especially since Covid.

Add supply chain issues and the fact that many windshields need to be calibrated due to the many sensors contained in the glass and the cost raises to between $900 and $1500

Windshields equipped with ADAS require extra attention during replacement or repair; the recalibration alone can run your costs into the thousands, as well as put your car out of commission for a long time.

Above time and money, which are two solid reason to invest in good windshield protection, the highest priority is safety.

The windshield acts as a pillar of support during your drive and becomes a key safety component when accidents occur.

Windshield Protection -
DYNOflex is the Cure

Windshield Protection - 
Stronger than you think

DYNOflex helps vehicle owners significantly reduce the risk of replacing expensive windshields, especially those with Advanced Driving Assistance System cameras and sensors (ADAS).

The optical clarity ensures an intact look and clear visibility.

Protect your windshield

Your front windshield contains a multitude of working sensors. If not protected, this windshield can be easily damaged, resulting in high repair costs

Crack-free shock absorption

When subject to an external shock, the hydrogen-bonded polyurethane pulls DYNOflex like a spring, effectively preventing damage.

Extreme Durability

DYNOflex is crack-resistant & has the ability to self-heal scratches. Composed of highly elastic layers, it effectively absorbs & disperses even the strongest shocks.

Weatherproof Resistance

With a weatherproof surface treatment boasting excellent hydrophobicity, DYNOflex is further designed to withstand the harshest temperatures and climate conditions.

Superb UV protection

DYNOflex has 99% UV rejection, which protects your vehicle’s interior from fading and your skin from harmful UV rays.

DYNOflex Benefits

With DYNOflex, you no longer need to worry about replacing the glass, period. This allows you to avoid the costly ADAS recalibration & other possible repairs.

Furthermore, after a professional shrinkage-free installation process, DYNOflex will also be protecting you from 99% of skin-damaging UV rays, whilst simultaneously providing outstanding light transmission for a crystal-clear view.

Another great feature is the hydrophobic nature of DYNOflex. It prevents issues such as water spots or contamination and ensures that your windshield is always protected from the elements, wherever you are.

A final feature that is important to note, is the self-recovery qualities of DYNOflex, which allow for a hands-free solution to scratches.

This is the key to your windshield being perpetually safeguarded.

Windshield Protection -

How Long Does the Install Take?

Installation of windshield protection film takes 2 hours.

How Much Does It Cost??

The cost is $499.00

What is the Warranty

The warranty is for 1 year and the installation usually lasts for several years

Windshield Protection -
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