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Let's Schedule Your Appointment!

This page will help you pick a day and time to bring your car in.

To schedule your appointment, just follow the 4 steps below.

We are open again with new "social distancing" measures in place to insure a safe experience to our employees and our clients

With Covid19 having originally forced the shutdown of local businesses, and a gradual opening of the state to business activities now underway, we are taking steps to be in compliance with CDC guidelines to slow the spread of the disease.

We will now accept vehicles for service under the following circumstances...

1. Only one person allowed in our reception room at one time.

2. Only one person allowed in our waiting room at one time

Covid19 Requirements STILL in Place

We continue to implement health and safety measures for limited contact and "social distancing"

Only ONE person will be allowed in our waiting area at any given time

You may wait on your vehicle, but it is preferred that you drop it off and come back to pick it up.

We will try to be reasonable on this, but we cannot have more than one person in the reception / waiting area at a time.

In this way we can insure the least amount of interaction and contact while still delivering high quality service to our valued clientele


Please visit our Window Tint Warnings Page to see if there are any warnings regarding your specific vehicle that you should be aware of BEFORE you come in to have a service done by us. We have assembled a collection of "issues" that some vehicles have when it comes to the installation of window tint.

You may find this information valuable if it applies to our car.


To Schedule Your Appointment -
Pick A Film for Your Car

If you haven't done so by now, go to our prices page to get an understanding of the different kinds of film we carry.

If you've already checked out our films, or you are still confused and are unsure what film to pick continue to step 2 and we will help you pick something when you arrive.

Schedule Your Appointment

Go to our scheduler page by clicking on the calendar here and the system does the rest for you.

What could be easier?

PLEASE! Wash Your Car

Please take your car through a car wash before you arrive. It is important to work on a clean car.

The cleaner the car, the cleaner the installation

The nearest Crew Car Wash is less than a block away

Drop Your Car Off - Pick Up Later

The average car can be tinted in about 2 hours or less, so the wait won't be too awful long. When the weather is nice there are plenty of distractions and places to eat within walking distance.

Oh! Don't forget the Monon Trail is at the end of our building too!

Scheduling an Appointment With a Gift Certificate??

If you have received a Gift Certificate for a service we provide, Just follow the steps below...

  1. Click on the Calendar from this page
  2. Select your service
  3. Enter your information
  4. Make a $30 deposit for your appointment. This will be refunded to you when you come in for your service. (Be sure to remind the staff, because we forget)
  5. Wait for your appointment time and day to arrive.
  6. Wash your vehicle the day of and before your appointment. (This will aid in a clean install that you will be happy with)

When your vehicle is ready...

When it's time to pick up your vehicle, we will send out a text message to the number you provided when you scheduled your appointment.

We'll return your vehicle to you with a whole new look that will keep you cool and keep you looking cooler.

After all, isn't that why you scheduled your appointment in the first place?

Schedule Your Appointment
What to Do and What NOT to Do BEFORE Your Appointment

Wonder What Your Car Will Look Like Once Tinted?

Check Out our Virtual Tinter!

You can change the different tints to see what they will look like on a similar vehicle to yours

Not Getting Tint?

No problem.

The process is the same.

Click on the calendar, select the service you want installed, and the rest is automatic.

You'll even get text and email reminders sent to you!

We'll take it from there!

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