Should You Only Tint The Front Two Doors of Your New Truck or SUV Since the Back Half has Factory Tint?

Should you only tint the front two doors of your new truck, SUV, or Minivan? If this describes your mindset, you might want to rethink things. This page will look at this popular option and give you some reasons why you might want to think seriously if this is the way to go for you.

Tinting Only The Front Two Doors -
Why People Choose This Option

The popularity of SUVs, Minivans, and extended cab Trucks has exploded in recent years. 90% of these vehicles come from the factory with "privacy glass" or deep tinted glass in the rear half of the vehicle.

This look has become very desirable to those who buy these kinds of vehicles. It has become so popular that automakers are discontinuing the manufacture of sedans (4 doors) and coupes (2 doors).

Since most of these vehicles come with the dark glass in the rear, most people think that they only need to tint the front two doors, but there are good reasons not to do that.

Tinting Only The Front Two Doors -
Why You Should Not Stop There

The back windows that come factory tinted dark are simply dyed glass. The manufactures mix dye into the glass when it is made. There is no benefit to dyed glass other than privacy.

The problem with dyed glass is it is very ineffective in stopping the sun's infra-red radiation and works very much like dyed window tint.

Dyed glass still allows heat building infra-red radiation to penetrate the interior of the vehicle making the cabin hot and uncomfortable.

Tinting Only The Front Two Doors -
What You Can Do

When it comes to Trucks, SUVs, and Minivans you have 2 options...

Option 1

Just Tint The Front Two Doors using a High Quality Color Stable Dyed Film

Option 2

Tint The Whole Vehicle With a NanoCeramic High Heat Rejection Film

Only Tinting The Front Two Doors or Option 1 -
Good Looks, VERY Limited Heat Rejection

We get a lot of people into our shop who just like the looks of matching up the rear half of the vehicle with our High Quality Color Stable Dyed Film. It Looks Great, comes with a Lifetime Warranty, and will NEVER turn purple as long as you own your car.

If you go with this option, remember this will not do a good job in keeping you cooler as you drive your car. It will only reduce the heat by about 6% at best.

However, this option is the least expensive way to complete your vehicle, only costs $99.00, and takes about 30 minutes. We will happily install it and send you on your way with this great looking film if you choose this option.

Option 2 - Tint The Whole Vehicle
Why this is a better choice if you want Comfort AND Good looks

Since Dyed Film looks great but is very limited in reducing Infra-red radiation, tinting the whole vehicle in a NanoCeramic IR rejecting window film is really the best value and most efficient way to protect you from the sun's heat.

"I like the darkness of the factory dyed glass. Can you make everything look uniform WITHOUT making the rear half darker??"

Absolutely yes! We do this all the time for our clients.

This film comes in a very light 70% (virtually no tint) if you want to cover the rear half without changing the current look of the dyed glass yet have the benefit of NanoCeramic

"I want the factory dyed glass darker for more privacy. Can you make everything look uniform while making the rear half darker??"

No problem!

Our Nano Ceramic Films come in all the different shades so we can make the whole truck more private without making things look odd.

This truck was done this way and looks great!

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