Ultimate Window Tint has Arrived!

The Ultimate Window Tint has Arrived! The perfect blend of Nano-Carbon and Nano-Ceramic has finally been achieved and we have it! No longer are your choices limited to only a few options.

We believe that our clients want the absolute best window film that is available on their vehicles. If there is a product that meets or exceeds their expectations in these areas, rest assured we will find it.

We are always looking to offer the very best technology and we routinely scour the industry to provide the optimum in protection from the damaging rays of the sun.

Until very recently, Ceramic film was the only choice.

Why We at Carmeltint.com have been slow to embrace this newest technology...

Low Angle Haze That is Common on Our Competitors' "ceramic" Films
Competing Brand IR Film with BAD Low Angle Haze. Windows Appear Dirty All the Time!

Over the years, High Heat Rejection has been obtained by many of our competitors films - but they have a fatal flaw.

Carbon and Ceramic particles have a tendency to "clump" together when they are tightly packed into window film, creating an undesirable effect known as "low angle haze" which causes the glass to look "milky" or foggy" when applied to the glass.

This extreme "hazing" effect is not only undesirable, but can be a hazard to safe driving.

Because of this, Carmeltint.com has been very slow to offer a High Heat Rejecting IR Film (with any performance over 85% IR rejection) because we only want to offer the very best products for our clients.

Our manufacturer would back off the amount of particles when producing the film resulting in a very clear film that performs well but with a lower IR rating of up to 80%

"Breaking News! 

The Ultimate In Heat Rejection - Available for 2018!!"

For the longest time the only choices available for protection from the sun's intense rays was Nano-Carbon, or Nano-Ceramic window film. These films are awesome in their own right, and we have installed several thousand feet on our clients' vehicles.

However, we are continually trying to be on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to providing the BEST experience for our clients.  So, we are always scouring the industry to bring you only the most reputable manufactures of window tint with the best performance numbers and the best warranties.

Now we believe we have done it again!

The Ultimate Protection from the sun is here and we have it!

The Ultimate window tint - Blending Nano Carbon and Nano-Ceramic Window Film results in Ultra Sun Protection and Comfort

A New Hybrid Film Has Emerged - and WE have it!

The Ultimate Window Tint has eluded manufactures for decades because many thought it impossible to produce reliably and cost effectively.

During the last decade, chemist and scientist alike have been working to "merge" both Nano-Carbon and Nano-Ceramic in an attempt to combine the benefits of both technologies while creating a film with the highest HEAT REJECTING properties.


This combination of a Nano-Carbon and a Nano-Ceramic lowers the overall TSET or "Total Solar Energy Transmitted" and definitely makes our newest window film the Ultimate Window Tint on the market today!

Using a proprietary process of micro-encapsulation, our Nano-Carbon/Ceramic film rejects the most amount of IR while maintaining an extremely clear appearance.

After 2 and 1/2 years of product development and research our new 98% IR Rejecting Ultimate Window Tint has arrived starting in 2018!

We are the first in the Indianapolis area to offer it, and believe it will overtake our competitors' films resulting in better overall satisfaction and comfort for those who choose it for their vehicle.

This new Hybrid film is (what we believe) the absolute ultimate window tint available. It is a true "HYPER-FILM" in that it out performs most films on the market today. It is also less expensive than competing films with a similar IR rejection rate.

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Competitor Ceramics have "issues"...

Ceramic Particles Clumped Together - Resulting in Low Angle Haze

Nano-Ceramic Window Film

A Great Product with
up to 80% IR rejection

Our Nano-Ceramic films do not suffer from "low angle haze" because the ceramic particles are much smaller to begin with and are not attracted to each other the way carbon particles are.

Nano-Ceramic films used to be the best at blocking out IR until recently.

Most of our clients LOVE the performance of these films. We have been very successful with these films and even have them on our own personal vehicles.

80% of our current and past clients swear by this High Heat Rejecting Film, making it our best seller.

However, we expect that to change because of our new ULTRA Nano 98% IR window film.