Mercedes Tint Warnings

This page describes in detail some tint warnings that affect Mercedes vehicles.

This information will offer you the chance to make a good decision for your car.

Mercedes Tint Warnings-
2016 C300

The Mercedes c300 is a beautiful vehicle. It offers a luxurious ride at a medium price. However, if you are considering having window tinting installed to it, you should be aware of some well known tint warnings associated with it.

There is a sensor located in the trunk on the driver side (usually, but sometimes located on the passenger side) that can be damaged if liquid used in tinting the rear window gets to it. The liquid travels down some wiring and into the sensor box and effectively stopping the sensor to recognize the key fob.

Often, if allowed to dry out, the issue will resolve itself. However this does not always happen and can result in a costly repair.

What Should You Do?

Some of our clients have opted to go ahead with tinting the vehicle (including the rear window) while releasing DT Services Window Tinting (Us) fully from any and all liability should this sensor become damaged as a result of the tinting being applied to the rear window.

Others have decided to tint only the doors while leaving the rear glass clear.

Still others have opted to forego any window tint at all

Incidentally, we have tinted several C300s in the past few years and have yet to encounter this specific issue. However, we cannot guarantee it won't happen to your vehicle even though we take many precautions to avoid this problem..

Consider yourself warned!

Mercedes Tint Warnings-
The Rear Window Defroster Wires

This is an issue that is afflicting many automobile manufactures - NOT just Mercedes!

Many glass suppliers to the automobile market are taking short cuts and producing inferior products. 

Specifically, the glass makers are not getting the defrost wires applied to the glass in a away that makes them permanent. We have seen wires on Fords, Audis, Mercedes, BMWs, and most recently Teslas all literally fall off while merely cleaning the glass in preparation for a window tinting install.

Below is a video we made of a 2016 E350 illustrating this specific tint warning...

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