Ice Flowering Defect

Ice Flowering Defect is a condition that happens to glass that has been laminated. This page describes it and helps you understand it is not a tinting issue.

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Ice Flowering Defect - 
What it Looks Like

The picture here shows what Ice Flowering Defect looks like on laminated glass.

Many vehicles now have laminated glass as a sound dampening feature to provide the occupants of a car with a more enjoyable experience during a long trip. Gone are the days of load road noise on most passenger vehicles.

Now due to laminated glass, we no longer have to shout at the passenger next to us in order to carry on a normal conversation.

The downside to laminated glass is it is more susceptible to weakened overall integrity and manufactures can - in their haste to mass produce - rush out glass that has a defect that appears like that in the picture.

Ice Flower Defect -
Not a Window Tint Issue

Should you develop Ice Flower Defect sometime after you have your windows tinted, you should know that this is NOT a window tint issue but a MANUFACTURING DEFECT and you should contact the maker of your vehicle for warranty service and replacement of the defective glass

Recently SolarGard - a window film manufacture - made its window tint dealers aware of this issue by notifying them on their website. The following comes from the dealer only section of the SolarGard website...

"LAMINATED AUTO GLASS NOTIFICATION: One of our dealers encountered a situation with the laminated glass on a 2019 Toyota Avalon everyone should be aware of since the blame may be placed on tint when it should not. It is a laminated glass problem."

As this issue grows, many more manufactures and window tinting shops will become aware of it and will act accordingly.

Ice Flower Defect -
Our Position

Because Ice Flower Defect is a manufacturing issue with the glass and NOT an issue with window tinting being installed to an automobile's glass, and DT Services Window Tinting will absolutely NOT be held responsible should your car develop this issue after we have serviced it.

This position is not negotiable since there is plenty of evidence on the internet of glass failures developing Ice Flower Defect without tinting having been applied.

Ice Flower Defect -
More Information

For more information on Ice Flower Defect, what it is, how it develops, how to prevent it, and much much more, Please click here