Tesla Paint Issues

Tesla paint issues abound with many of their vehicles. We have compiled information here for you prior to having Paint Protection Film applied to your new Tesla

It is our hope that with the information found here, you will be fully aware of the potential for problems that come with the application of Paint Protection Film

Tesla Paint Issues -
What is going on?

Congratulations! You are the proud owner of a new Tesla (S, X, Y, or 3) and you are excited to have it.

You probably bought a Tesla because you are a believer in Elon Musk's vision and forward thinking.

We agree, Elon definitely is a pioneer in this industry and many others

However innovation often comes at a price as many Tesla owners will readily admit.

If Tesla is at the forefront of innovation, why are they having quality issues?

The answer is simple...

Tesla is at the forefront of innovation!

This means they are learning as they go along, and their customers are too.

Therefore, quality control is often sacrificed to meet production goals

Tesla Paint Issues -
Video Evidence

When it comes to Tesla paint issues there are many videos online that document very well what the issue is and what to do if problems result because of this issue

The following video is one of our favorites because it is very informative and clearly outlines what happened to this owner and what he did to remedy the situation

Tesla Paint Issues -
More concerns from owners

Many owners have taken to YouTube to voice their grievances with Tesla paint quality.

The following video is a general complaint about the vehicle's paint, how he remedied the problem and what the issues were in the first place.

Tesla Paint Issues -
What should you do?

As outlined in the video above, you should start documenting the well known issues with Tesla paint before you bring your vehicle in for paint protection to be applied.

By documenting this issue ahead of time, you are creating a paper trail of evidence that this problem is indeed a Tesla problem and should be fixed under Tesla's warranty

Also be aware that in the future - after paint protection has been applied to your Tesla - if for any reason the film should need to be removed, the paint could pull away from the body of the car.

Consider yourself warned!

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