Window Tint Repair

When it comes to window tint repair we got you covered. We often times have clients who contact us and ask if we can repair their damaged or failing window tint. We can almost ALWAYS replace their window tint. But can we repair it? This page will answer that question.

Window Tint Repair -
Why It Is Necessary

Most of the time when we get phone calls for window tint "repair" it's because a driver has either damaged the tinting on the door glass window of their vehicle, or the rear window has become blistered up or bubbled to the extent that looking out that window is difficult at best.

Usually when we see this issue the windows look like the car in the picture here.

However, many times the window next to the driver gets damaged by keys, rings, seatbelt restraints, or watches that rub against the window hard enough to actually scratch or otherwise damage the tinting.

It happens to everyone sooner of later. We know all too well because it's happened even to us on occasion.

Window Tint Repair - 
"Can you just repair the tint, or is replacement the only option?"

We hear this ALL the time. Usually this question is asked by folks on a budget who they are trying to save some money. We get it, everyone works hard for their money and we all like to "get a deal". Hey that's why we all shop at places like Walmart and Amazon, right?

The Bad News -

Window tint repair is actually NOT an option. Polyester window film is easily damaged by carelessness or abuse. Once the window tinting is damaged, it cannot be "repaired"

But that doesn't mean you are without options.

The Good News -

We CAN replace the damaged window film with new window film that will look as good or better than your original window film installation.

The old window tinting needs to be removed, the adhesive cleaned off the glass, and new window film must be applied to the window (except in the case the owner just wants the tint off only).

Window Tint Repair - 
How we do it

When someone calls or comes to us requesting that we effect a window tint repair, the first thing we do is inspect the damage to determine if it is from abuse / neglect, or if it is adhesive failure.

If the window in question is the rear window, we will ALWAYS use a steamer to remove the film off the rear window. We use this tool because the steamer will - in most cases - penetrate the existing film and loosen the adhesive.

Why We Use A Heat Gun

When we find a window that is damaged, we often will use a heat gun to soften the adhesive.

Being careful not to melt any trim on the car, we put the heat generated from the heat gun on the old window tint.

Once the old film is warm to the touch, we can start to peel it off the window.

If the adhesive stays on the glass, we will then use an adhesive stripper to further soften the adhesive. Then we use a new single edge razor blade to remove the rest.

Why we use a steamer

We use a steamer primarily on the rear window, but often we will use the steamer to also remove old window tint that is on the doors.

This method works wonders for softening the adhesive and the film by placing a vast amount of heat on the glass along with steam. The steam penetrates the old film and loosens the adhesive while saving the defroster wires.

We try hard to get the adhesive to come with the film thereby leaving us with a clean window free from adhesive.


As outlined above, window tint repair is NOT possible. However, window tint replacement is the only option when window tinting is damaged or has lived its life and needs to be "fixed".

Here is the warning you need to know about BEFORE you have the tint replaced on the rear window of your car...

Rear Window Defroster Lines Can and Sometimes Do Come Off With the Old Tinting - Especially If the Old Tinting Has Been On the Vehicle for Many Years!!

In the event you bring your car to us and this happens when we remove the old tinting, we will not be held liable for to replace the rear window (glass) due to the loss of defroster wires.

Defroster wires often will come off with scotch tape that has been used to secure the dealership's temporary plate to the back window!!

Don't Believe It? CLICK HERE for proof

We will do everything in our power to insure that the rear window defroster wires stay on the glass, but there are simply NO GUARRANTEES the wires will stay intact.

Here is an informative video that explains the process of window tint removal

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