What is all the Buzz about?

Cryptocurrency - Can You Make Money With It? Many people wonder what Bitcoin is all about and if it is possible to make any money with it.

On this page we will take a break from our normal business of window tinting and try to help answer the above question. Hopefully, we will give you access to an amazing new opportunity in the process.

We have discovered an amazing opportunity that we believe can change lives.

Question #1 - What is all the Buzz about?

Cryptocurrency is a digital form of money that is not controlled by any government or banking industry and is traded in an online peer-to-peer environment that allows users to buy, invest, and sell their digital "coin".

This form of digital currency has a lot of volatility tied to it and can rise and decline very rapidly, making millionaires overnight and also wiping out all investments just as fast.

But, for those who know what they are doing, the rewards can be amazing in a relative short time.

This aspect of the digital currency world makes investing in it very enticing.

Bitcoin -
The Cryptocurrency That Started it All

There are many forms of digital currency in existence today... literally as many as 1000. But, in order to purchase any digital currency, you must buy Bitcoin first from an online digital exchange like Coinbase for instance.

Once a digital currency is purchased, it can be left in the exchange or transferred to an online digital wallet like Exodus. Doing this keeps your digital cash much safer than storing it on the exchange website.

Question #2 - What is the best way to invest in Digital currency and profit every single day without risking a large amount?

We believe the best way to take advantage of this very lucrative, highly profitable  market investment model is to get involved with the lending platform of BitConnect.

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You can easily make a small fortune starting with as little as $100.

By lending $100 & reinvesting the daily interest that is compounding - currently averaging about .9% per day - you can start building an incredible amount of compound interest within one year. Within 2 years you could easily accumulate in excess of $1,000,000.00

$100,000.00 could supply you with a monthly income that could change your life.

Think this is not possible? Think again! It works, and it works incredibly well!

Albert Einstein was said...

"He who understands compounding interest EARNS it. He who doesn't, PAYS it"

Never before have these words been more true as when applied to this new medium of investment opportunity! Cryptocurrency leverages the power of compounding interest with HUGE potential to gain financially.

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How Do I Invest in BitConnect?

There are 3 key steps to this process...

Step #1. Join an online market exchange that trades Bitcoin

We suggest new investors use a user friendly secure site like Coinbase to get started.

Step #2. Link a bank account, credit, or debit card to your Coinbase account

 A credit card linked to your Coinbase account will allow you to instantly buy $300 worth of Bitcoin per week.

Linking a bank account will allow you to buy up to $3000 Bitcoin per week. However, bank transfers can take up to a week to complete and you could miss out on the movement of Bitcoin in the process.

Step #3. Click on one of the banners on this page and sign up with BitConnect

It's completely free and will take you under a minute.

Step #4. From your BCC (BitConnect) Dashboard, click on BitCoin Wallet, and Receive BitCoin

This step will generate a QR code and a long address like this:


Step #5. Copy and paste the code provided by BitConnect to your Send BitCoin Screen from your Coinbase account.

(A small fee applies)

Step #6. Purchase BitConnect Tokens with the Bitcoin you received from your Coinbase account

You must convert your BitCoin (BTC) into BitConnect Tokens (BCC) in order to lend money to the platform and start earning interest.

Step #7. Start lending BCC to the trading bot to earn interest daily on your money

Lend any amount $100 or more and watch the interest accrue daily in your BCC lending wallet.