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Carmel Tint Times, Issue #011
December 13, 2018

Free Visor Strips Available!! is offering FREE VISOR STRIPS through the end of December on all FULL vehicle window tint packages!!

Why is this a big deal?

Visor strips are placed on the windshield to block the sun's glare that typically penetrates and blinds the driver. This momentary blindness often contributes to collisions with other vehicles or worse.

What's great about a free visor strip is we normally charge $50 for these glare blockers and people who don't get them installed at the time of the rest of the windows, usually regret it.

Schedule your appointment today by clicking on the pictures and beat the heat as well as the summer rush!

Since our visor strips are computer cut, they curve WITH the windshield and thereby look virtually straight all the way across the glass instead of dropping in the corners.

We can also add words to your free visor (for an additional fee) to give your car, truck, or SUV a unique look!

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